WATT Coalition Thanks FERC Chairman Glick for Championing Grid Enhancing Technologies

  FERC Must Finish Urgent Work on Transmission Grid Modernization    


Washington D.C., December 19, 2022 – The WATT Coalition appreciates Chairman Richard Glick’s consistent leadership on Grid Enhancing Technologies (GETs). Order 881 is one of his key achievements, and will ensure that transmission owners in RTO areas will be able to fully integrate Dynamic Line Ratings into grid operations by 2025. Policies supporting GETs deployment in proposed rulemakings on generator interconnection and transmission planning demonstrate the Chairman’s recognition of the need for further work on transmission utilization. Chairman Glick consistently highlights the ratepayer and system value that GETs can unlock, and we appreciate his actions and words in support of a more efficient and effective transmission system in the United States.   


The WATT Coalition urges President Biden and Senator Manchin to move quickly to ensure a full slate of commissioners can finish the critical work that Chairman Glick has advanced in his two years leading the Commission.