National Transmission Needs Study Highlights Value of Grid Enhancing Technologies

October 30, 2023, WASHINGTON D.C. – Today, U.S. Department of Energy released its final National Transmission Needs Study, which included a section titled Grid-enhancing technologies can improve the operational efficiency of existing transmission systems. 

Julia Selker, Executive Director of the WATT Coalition, said: 

“The National Transmission Needs Study highlights that Grid Enhancing Technologies would help achieve needed transmission capacity along with new lines. Because GETs cost so little and can be deployed in months, they can support grid reliability and save customers money while the new lines are planned and built. In the long term, wide deployment of GETs will ensure that ratepayers get the maximum value out of all transmission grid infrastructure, in addition to providing operators system-wide flexibility and visibility to improve reliability.”  

Two reports by the Brattle Group showed that GETs could increase the utilization of high voltage lines by around 20%, and can double capacity on the existing grid for new renewable energy. 

Download this press release. Contact Julia Selker, jselker@gridstrategiesllc.com, 541-908-5792, with any questions.