WATT represents companies in the following technology areas:

Advanced Power Flow Control

Power Flow Control is a set of technologies that push or pull power away from overloaded lines and onto underutilized corridors within the existing transmission network. Advanced power flow control provides this same function with advanced features such as the ability to be quickly deployed, easily scaled to meet the size of the need, or redeployed to new parts of the grid when no longer needed in the current location.

Dynamic Line Ratings (DLR)

Setting a transmission line’s loading operating limit based upon monitored conditions rather than on a set fixed limit.  Conditions such as wind speed can significantly increase the amount of current that can safely be delivered over a line without harming the equipment.  DLR generally allows more flow over the course of a year than would otherwise be allowed but also detects when flows should be reduced to continue safe and reliable operation.

Topology Optimization

Transmission topology optimization is a software technology that automatically identifies reconfigurations of the grid to route power flow around congested or overloaded transmission elements, taking advantage of the meshed nature of the power grid. The reconfigurations are implemented through switching on/off existing high voltage circuit breakers. By more evenly distributing flow over the network, topology optimization increases the transfer capacity of the grid.

These tools are ready to be put to use, along with traditional transmission investments and non-wires alternatives, to build a more reliable and cost effective grid for every American.