Unlocking the Energy Transition With Grid Enhancing Technologies

For National Clean Energy Week 2023, the WATT Coalition hosted a webinar on how Grid Enhancing Technologies (GETs) enable the energy transition. U.S. clean energy tax policy has put decarbonization goals in reach – but without more grid capacity, renewable developers can’t complete new projects. GETs are low-cost solutions to meet the needs of the 21st-century electric grid much faster than traditional transmission projects. Together, Dynamic Line Ratings, Advanced Power Flow Control and Topology Optimization can double capacity for renewable energy on the existing poles and wires. They turn the grid into a flexible asset capable of responding to changes in supply and demand, by forecasting and monitoring conditions and giving greater control and visibility into grid operations. GETs can also address transmission outages and help increase resilience and flexibility during extreme weather events.

Download the slides to learn more, or watch the recording.


  • Rodica Donaldson, Vice President of Transmission Analytics at EDF Renewables
  • Mark Norton, Vice President of European Business Development at Smart Wires
  • Robert Mork, Vice President of International Regulatory Affairs at Heimdall Power
  • Hilary Pearson, Vice President of Policy & External Affairs at LineVision