MISO Grid Optimization Process Will Reduce Congestion Costs, Improve Reliability and Renewable Delivery

Press Release: MISO Grid Optimization Process Will Reduce Congestion Costs, Improve Reliability and Renewable Delivery

First formal process for requesting grid reconfigurations for congestion management should be model for other regions

JULY 17, 2023, WASHINGTON D.C. – On June 30, the Midcontinent Independent System Operator announced a new “MISO Cost Reconfiguration Process” making it the first Regional Transmission Organization to enable market participants to request grid reconfigurations to reduce regional congestion. Grid reconfigurations change the flow of power on the transmission system – to reduce congestion on a targeted constraint- by opening and closing circuit breakers at substations.

Traditionally, reconfigurations are identified manually based on operator experience for reliability applications. Topology Optimization software is a Grid Enhancing Technology that can quickly find optimal reconfigurations to improve system reliability and resilience and reduce transmission congestion by leveraging flexibility across the transmission system. Applications of topology optimization by NewGrid Inc. found 40% average congestion cost savings in a study with Alliant Energy in MISO.

Rodica Donaldson, Vice President of Transmission Analytics for EDF Renewables North America, said:

“Congestion impacts both renewable projects, making their integration harder and more expensive, and ratepayers, who pay higher energy costs because of congestion on the grid. Many transmission constraints can be fully or partially relieved with the flip of a switch – literally – benefitting all grid users. MISO is the first system operator to create a formal process for participants to identify regionally beneficial solutions and see them validate and implemented. I hope that other grid operators follow suit to enable the delivery of the cheapest, cleanest power to customers. The Southwest Power Pool is currently considering a similar proposal –  Strategic Initiative Roadmap # 73 – which would bring similar benefits.”

Pablo Ruiz, CEO of NewGrid Inc., a topology optimization company, said:

“I commend MISO leadership and staff, the Organization of MISO States and the MISO Independent Market Monitor for identifying the opportunity to reduce transmission congestion with Topology Optimization and shepherding the creation of a new process that should be a model for all other regions. This process will reduce costs and improve reliability and clean energy delivery across the MISO footprint.”

MISO outlines their process here. See progress to date on SPP SIR 73 here.

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