About the WATT Coalition

The Working for Advanced Transmission Technologies (WATT) Coalition advocates for policy that supports wide deployment of Grid-Enhancing Technologies (GETs), to accelerate the clean energy transition and lower energy costs.

  • Dynamic Line Ratings determine the true, real-time capacity of power lines.
  • Advanced Power Flow Control allows operators to reroute power to lines with available capacity.
  • Topology Optimization identifies the best grid reconfigurations to reroute flow around bottlenecks.

In operations, these technologies reduce congestion costs and improve economic dispatch, situational awareness and reliability. In planning, they reduce the time, cost and complexity of integrating new generation and load. Read about the opportunities for these technologies and WATT’s plans here

Our members include Ampacimon, EDF Renewables, Heimdall Power, LineVision, Inc, Lindsey Systems, NewGrid, SmartWires, and WindSim Power.